Skipper Crystal Reactor
Skipper Crystal Generator
Skipper Crystal Reactor

Energy output:

6540c - per hour

Required Fuel:


Life Span:

25 - 30 years in use, 220 - 530 on minimum charge

Connection to power batteries:

wall membrain connection, Direct Power Interchange

Shell Material:

Cat Steel

Useful info:

Power Chart

Skipper Crystal Reactors are found on some of the more advanced coon battleships and large stations, the reactors are some of the best mobile power cores available, far outranking the old skipper gas generators these new reactors don't emit radiation because of their refined state, and the crystal is covered by a thin layer of blackness to hold the crystal in an area where it can emit it's maximum charge with out burning out any metal shell

The reactors were first built by Henry in his development of skipper gas and crystal generators and reactors, the skipper crystal experiments proved that skipper crystal in it's refined state was not only better for generating energy but far safer because it does not emit the background radiation that skipper gas does