Planet Bigkitty

Coordinates Relative to Sun:





Rainforest, Ocean

Moon or Asteroid(s):

Moon - Sisvala


Bigkitty's Fortress, Karturi Warrior Camps

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Bigkitty is a large ocean world with some small islands covered with rainforest, the planet was named after Bigkitty when she first started developing the world and began building her stronghold on it,

The Stronghold Edit

Bigkitty Built two Strongholds on her planet, one under the sea much like Henry's underwater stronghold, and the second one was too be built as a station using a constant pull and push from the planet's poles to keep it perfectly stationed in low atmosphere,

Her Research And Sisvala Edit

Bigkitty made many new discoveries on her planet and built many settlements on the moon Sisvala, one of her most inspired technologies was the Kartuir Warriors but with there new found power she decided to build camps were they could live on the islands it was the only way to contain them with out building a very large food producing area, so and the Karturi who reached there perfect state were to be sent with the others to the main islands