Planet Basha Prime
Planet-Basha Prime
Basha Prime with forest in sight

Coordinates Relative to Sun:





Rock/Mineral, Thick Atmosphere

Moon or Asteroid(s):




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Basha Prime like basha is closer to the sun than the others and has a fairly unstable core so most surface area is glassed terrain or lava, but unlike basha the atmosphere is stable enough to allow some life to develop,

Life on Basha Prime Edit

Most life on basha prime has evolved quite different than most, due to the hot air vents creating a dense sheet of heat over most of the land as well as the ash in the atmosphere creates a permanent overcast so most plants have evolved away from photosensitive leaves and created Heat Foam Cells and grow much like root above and below ground

A lot of the life is found underneath the thick glass sheets of the surface, although there are still some large forests growing on the surface of basha prime