Planet Basha
Planet Basha

Coordinates Relative to Sun:





Rock/Mineral, Thin Atmosphere

Moon or Asteroid(s):



Geothermal Test Facility, Resonance Life

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Basha Along with Basha Prime are the two closest planets to the sun, they are empty but contain large areas of minerals, the planet is covered in lava, ash, and glassed rock because of the planet's unstable core

Basha is home to immense geothermal stores of energy so there have been many colonies built in order to study the area and the power reserves

Resonance Structure Edit

On Basha There is a Resonance Structure supporting resonance generated life with in, the structure is hidden on basha with in the huge lava rock pillars

The Resonance power protects the area from the lava and heat and keeps the safe area a lush sanctuary of life