Coordinates Relative to Orbit:

-0.05 off Henry




Gas Planet, Liquid Core

Usable Resources:

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Pronounced (I - youl - ta)

Resources Edit

Itanoya has many rare resources on it's surface and with in it's liquid core,

Skipper Gas Edit

Skipper Gas, named for it's finder Skipper, is found in abundance on Itanoya and is not found anywhere else, it's rare properties make it a valuable tool in many cat and coon technology, it naturally emits energy, and can produce a none harmful radiation that can be used in many strange devices for various uses

Skipper Crystal Edit

Skipper Crytal, like skipper gas is found only on Itanoya and has many of the same uses, but skipper crystal does not emit radiation and can produce far more deadly levels of energy and power, skipper crystal is found deeper into the center of Itanoya and is believed to be the after affect of skipper gas when the 200,000 year cycle of solar radiation pushes down trapping solar energy and heat into the core

Iuo Acid Edit

Charlk Rock Edit

Ourarei Gas Edit