Micronis - Velio
Picture of dead micronis with new roots growing over








Micronis - Velio, Micronis - Uioper, Micronis - Wertuio


Space - (Dareri Stone, Ice Fragments, Moisturized Metal, External - Ship Engine/Ship Cores)

Micronis - Velio is commonly found on the external shell of some ships, they seek out heat, water, and light on the external areas of ships, they are usually unimportant to most ships but in some cases they will damage engines or heat chambers when they are moving towards heat or energy in side a ship, they are very tough organisms a are hard to remove because of their fast ability to spread,

With this ability to lay dormant and then spread they are able to stay on a ship with only a few microscopic pieces and then over time gather heat or water from a ship and spread rapidly into the area or leak expanding it and draining air in the area, they are not found on planets or in watered areas because they die when exposed to too much air or water, so in most cases when entering a ship they drain the air and absorb most of the water before it can damage their long crawling roots