Karturi Warrior
Karturi Warrior
Karturi Warrior




Bioneticly Manipulated Clone

Bionetic Cell(s):


Original Genetic Subject:

Ing Drone Warrior, Coon Civilian

The Karturi Warriors are a ing-bionetic hybrid built by bigkitty,

they are born as ing drones in bigkitty's lab but they have been manipulated with bigkitty's bionetic cell called XMCAA-DRONE with this bio cell they become the warrior drone, as they are incubated the bionetic cells interlace with flesh and bone creating a self thinking but still controlled bio drone, the drone's skin is it's armor and looks and acts much like metal, it is completely resistant to heat cold and energetic shock from weapon's fire

Their brain is built much like it's counterpart the standard cybernetic coon, a grown computer center self aware and can decide for it's self but requires some form of orders to do none essential tasks, but the Karturi Warrior's language is completely different from most drones, they are built with there own unique speech that they use between them selves as well as the standard coon language used when talking to coons

Their Mind is linked to each other's and they share all tactics and movement imformation through this network, this allows them to quickly organize and strike as one