Hyper Window Generator


Sub Space Drive

Required Energy:


Shell Material:

Cat Steel

Internal Parts:

SS-WPC, SS-ADD, SS-WES, Power Modulation, Duo GigaCapacitor

The Hyper window Generator is an infrastructure class subspace drive which consists of several parts,

The SS-WPC (Sub Space Window Pulse Creator) pluses out energy that creates a large wormhole like portal, but instead of actually creating a wormhole it merely creates a temporary portal that pulls the space craft and surrounding objects in to sub space

The SS-ADD (Sub Space Alternating Disc Drive) which is the source of movement within sub space, the drive also holds the ship and maintains the field and travel

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And finally the SS-WES (Sub Space - Name Forgot ? Emitting Shield?) Which holds the ship and protects it as they travel, as well as protects them against damage when leaving their increased speed travel

Documentary Edit

Most ships are equipped with Hyper Window Generator to allow sub space travel across great distances

{infrastructure would mean its in a fixed location in this case think of it as a highway~feldo}

Now why hyper space? Hyper Space or Sub Space travel allows movement speeds in space to exceed the maximum speed the universe allows without creating distortion See Reference, while in hyper space the ship appears to be remaining still but they actually are traveling very fast, they do not actually bend space or travel through a wormhole, merely travel under space, where no gravity or objects can slow there speed