Eriwer Tunnel
Eriwer Tunnel in Natural Form


Outer-galactic Wormhole


AGZr - 7897

Distance From Galactic Center:

183 ZRc

Solar System:


Time of Formation:


Time of Discovery:

5065 BzD

Control Station:

Eriwer Ring

The Eriwer Tunnel is a natural formation in the corisko system that links the 7897 Galaxy with the 5546 Galaxy and it is said that the original coon people came through this wormhole and started the life in the corisko system and many of the other systems in Galaxy 7897

Around 5065 BzD the wormhole was found (again by the travelers descendants) the coon-cat empire decided to build a structure around the wormhole to better understand it, but soon it began to fade until it was no longer visible, their technology detected that it was still emitting energy and still there, they built a crude energy device to fire at in in charges this did as they planed and jump started it causing a large spiraling image to appear and then fade soon, they knew the energy was able to pulse the portal into a opening this would allow they to travel through it when ever the wished and the close it

But there was no contact on the other side so it was deemed usless, at the time they were unaware of where the portal had sent them or how far the sort hourly trip inbetween was taking them when they traveled to explore the other side for a few hours,

but they were unable to travel around on the other side as the had only 7 hours before the must head back because the energy could only hold it open that long and the other side had no technology to be seen

But soon the ing came from a distance part of the corisko system and toke the small outpost at the portal, so the coons and cat retreated and the councils of their empire worried taking it back was to much of a risk, this was the first they had seen of the ing in this galaxy and they did not know how large of a fleet the ing had, the ing tried many things to open the portal but they could not understand most of the systems that the coons and cats had placed to safe guard it, so the ing destroyed the control center of the station and built on to it them selves to better control the portals abilities