Direct Power Interchange
Direct Power Interchange
Direct Power Interchange


Energy Transfer Cable

Inner Cable Material:

Metallic Jalloshere

Shell Material:

Cat Steel

Maximum Current:


Direct Power Interchange are found on some of the larger newer coon ships and war ships, the long tubes extends through the ship directing power to the high use areas like engines shields and sometimes main cannon

The Cable consists of the outer Cat Steel shell, followed by the long metallic jalloshere cable, these cables can direct up to 20,567cs through out large ships and stations, the cables usually connect to a large interchange device to split the power even father into smaller systems like light sections and heating/cooling

The cabling uses subspace to transfer up to 20,567c (500000c in theory) energy with only a 2% loss of energy the cable must be conected to an SSA class generator on either end, the cable which in essence is a vacume tube provides the perfect meduim to transfer energy using subspace with all the energy loss being on the SSA generator's systems rather than the cable itself (though this argument is unverified)