Cat Steel
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With shield - 300+ momentum hitting it, with out - 100+

Power Max:



Internal Shielding, Internal Interface, Wall Membrain


Cat Steel Ore, Wall Membrain Cells

Cat Steel is used in many things from ships to generators it is one of the most used metals, it gets it's name from two attributes, one it's ability to regenerate slowly after time, much like cats do, and second because of it's great ability to hold and use energy, between these attributes the cats decided all cat ships are to be created with it

Cat steel is fully interlaced with Wall Membrain so all technology cable of this connection can interface with out wires, it also has the ability to turn on a low charge Internal Shielding allowing it to constantly hold a small inside field within the metal protecting from cannon fire, atmospheric lost, as well as any natural danger such as extreme heat cold or over time damage,

Internal Interface, Cat steel is equipped with the internal interface allowing data to travel through it like a living creature, telling the ship how to move, where to send power or heal