it's design, history and construction are written below

001 is a created substance consisting of smaller than atom quark like reflectors and special particles, allowing the substance to not only work and communicate as one but consume all atom material and convert it into it's own structure, than after conversion it can be reasimalated into solid atom materials of any form, once and atom is converted into it's atom bonds groups of the atoms in the air apear as darkness because they do'nt allow light within

001 or the full name 0010101 is a creation of the ancient cat and coon race, they creation slowly grew in power evolving and changing it's form for it's self, until it reached it's final point and was nick named 001, they coon and cats never intended for 001 to think for it's self and disobey it was made for the purpose of destroying the ing the enemy, it was intended to enter the computer system of a war vessel and gain control of the ship,

changing it's self as needed in order to stay i8n control, and the weapon worked for some time using it's gained knowledge each time to becoming more effective, but each time the substance was retrieved it was reset to it's previous form but keeping it's learned tactics and giving it's knowledge to the computers to process, but soon the relised that 001 was freely changing it's form and testing new forms when left idle,